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We invite you to join us on our new initiative where we aim to cover a wide-range of topics relating to aortic valve and root disease, pre-case planning and treatment options.

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Series Overview

  • Series 1: Valve Sparing Current Series

    EPISODE 1: September 2021

    Introduction and General Principles

    The first episode was hosted by Nimesh Desai, M.D. and Joseph Bavaria, M.D. In this episode, Professor Ruggero De Paulis provided an overview on the history of the Gelweave Valsalva graft. Following this, Dr. Nimesh Desai reviewed aortic valve anatomy, function and measurements. Lastly, Dr. Hiroo Takayama presented an aortic valve sparing root replacement case of a patient with aneurysmal disease.

    Photo of Nimesh Desai, M.D

    Nimesh Desai, M.D  

    Photos of Joseph Bavaria, M.D

    Joseph Bavaria, M.D  

    Photos of Professor Ruggero De Paulis

    Professor Ruggero De Paulis

    Photo of Hiroo Takayama, M.D.

    Hiroo Takayama, M.D.

    Moderated by Nimesh Desai, M.D. and Joseph Bavaria, M.D.

    Professor Ruggero De Paulis - History and perspective
    Nimesh Desai, M.D. - Anatomy, Function and Measurements
    Hiroo Takayama, M.D. - Valve sparing with Valsalva, Aneurysm

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    EPISODE 2: Thursday 28th October 2021 • 12:00 (EST) / 17:00 (BST) / (18:00 (CET)

    Valve Sparing in the Presence of Type A Dissection;
    Valve Sparing Strategies for Marfan Syndrome

    Dr. Eric Roselli will lead a discussion on valve sparing strategies and Type A dissection. Following this, Dr. Joseph Coselli will review the complexities of valve sparing for Marfan syndrome patients. Dr. Nimesh Desai will moderate the episode and discussion amongst the guest presenters.

    Photo of Nimesh Desai, M.D

    Nimesh Desai, M.D  

    Photos of Eric Roselli, M.D

    Eric Roselli, M.D  

    Photos of Joseph Coselli, M.D

    Joseph Coselli, M.D

    Moderated by Nimesh Desai, M.D.

    Eric Roselli, M.D. - Valve Sparing Strategies with Type A Dissection
    Joseph Coselli, M.D. - Valve Sparing Strategies for Patients with Marfan Syndrome

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