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Custom Thoraflex™ Hybrid

Our Hybrid Solutions are a harmonious combination of Gelweave™ woven surgical grafts and stent-grafts that enables you to address your patient's unique aorta.

The availability of custom-made devices is subject to local regulatory guidelines. Caution: Not available in the USA.

Tailored Design

The Custom Thoraflex™ Hybrid programme provides you with options for patients with diverse aortic arch and distal anatomy that may require a customised approach.

Collaborative Service

Our team works hand in hand with you to deliver a customised solution for your patient.

Delivery: 6 weeks from design approval.

"A modification to the standard Thoraflex™ Hybrid design allowed improvement in operating times, complete and continuous cerebral trivascular perfusion, and correct positioning of the intrathoracic vessels."
Prof. Severino Iesu
University Hospital "San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi D’Aragona"
Salerno – Italy
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Graft Customisation Options

Feature Variable Parameters
Body Length ≤240mm
Diameter 22-32mm
Arch Branches Diameter 8/10/12/14/16/18mm
Angle Variable
Total 3
Perfusion Side Branch Diameter 10mm
Angle Variable
Collar Width 12mm
Radiopaque Markers Total 2
Position Variable

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